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S&F Manufacturing holds monthly 2-day workshops at their stunning Bali garment factory, where you can learn the manufacturing processes, what information your manufacturer needs from you, and visit local suppliers relevant to manufacturing and production in Bali! Our course outline is below.


Cost to participate is AU $1,000 (+ GST) and includes morning tea, lunch, transport to and from suppliers, pick-up and drop-off to Kerobokan/Seminyak, and information packs complete with templates to help you get started. Please note we do not take more than 10 participants per workshop.


Specification Sheets

How to develop a specification sheet (template and examples provided)

What your factory needs to know to make your designs


Dying and printing processes - how to calculate and save costs

Suppliers in Bali

Factory processes

Patterns and how they work

Toiles - reviewing and feedback

True Samples - reviewing and feedback

Marking and Cutting and how it impacts costings

Site Visits

The course includes field trips in the afternoons of each day. Site visits will take place at local businesses including 4 Fabric wholesalers, a trim supplier and a local screen-printer.

Information Packs Provided post-course (hard copy and electronic)

2-day presentation

Example & Template Specification Sheet

Sampling and Production Costing Template

Bali Textile and Fashion Service Supplier Contact List