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Working with the stunning Melbourne Fashion Blogger Micah Gianneli. 

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If you're unsure how to design your custom-made dress on our website, check-out this quick YouTube video

Bridesmaid dresses in Perth, Western Australia 



We are very proud to have been nominated and then become a finalist in the Australian Telstra Business Awards.  It’s always so exciting to be acknowledged for hard work.  


As a business owner you are always looking forward and seeing whats next, and if you are not doing that you are looking for issues in the business so you can improve the business, very rarely do you make time to go - hey look at what you have achieved and how far you have come, well done.  That is exactly what Telstra Business Awards did for us.  It also gave us the opportunity to highlight that the fashion industry is big, cut throat and really doesn’t have a great reputation.  It is marred by unethical practices such as sweatshops, its mass produced, wasteful, and we all know about fast, low quality, one wear fashion.   


We got to say Sui Generis is none of those things. We were acknowledged for being ethical, sustainable, high quality and that we are disrupting the fashion industry on all levels, as we are a holistic and streamlined company, we make the garments, in our ethically run fashion house, we market the garments and we sell the garments directly to our clients, cutting out the wholesale and retail elements of the business.   All of that was recognised.  


It also gave us the opportunity to look way into the future of Sui Generis - whist Sui Generis is currently filling a niche where women of all shapes and sizes get the opportunity to design dresses that suite their style, size and budget.  This niche in the future will be the norm, as customisable fashion is the way of the future, as consumers are more and more wanting fashion to be accessible, sustainable, ethical and bespoke.  


Thank you Telstra for recognising Sui Generis - we had a great night.



Pockets in Dresses - Yes or No?

One of the most requested features at Sui Generis is pockets.  I personally had never looked for it in a dress, but I was seeing a trend in women buying our dresses and customising them to include pockets.  

From a casual day dress, corporate wear and even event wear, women were wanting pockets.  So I thought I would give it a try.  I must admit, now, when ever I am designing a dress on I always go to the accessories tab and add pockets.  Why, because it's handy.  I can go out and just slip my bank card and phone in the pocket and then I don’t need a handbag.  I often find myself with my hands in my pockets relaxing.  And I often find women coming up to me and saying hey where did you get that dress, and what a good idea pockets!  

I have to admit I’m converted.  So for me it’s a yes!


Rewarding your great style

We have been noticing a very cool trend with our clients - you have been referring us more clients!  


We keep hearing about how so and so was wearing this cool dress to work/drinks/wedding when they were asked where they bought their dress? They told you to check out this fun website where you can design your own dress and you could mix and match sizes.  


We wanted to say thank you.  


So for every friend, work colleague, person on the bus you refer to us and they make a purchase with your personal referral code (which gives them a 5% discount!) - you will receive a $30 store credit* for your next purchase!  All you need to do is contact us  get your personalised code to give to your friends, work colleagues, strangers, and they enter the code at checkout.  You will get an email notifying you of your credit value every time your referral code earns.


Its our way of saying Thank you.


*Referal credit takes 30 days to be validated from date of purchase. Orders that are cancelled, returned or refunded are not eligible.



Fashion - Enjoyable for everyone!

We have been in the fashion business for a number of years now, and being an ethically run business was always a priority for us.

When we first started out however, nobody ever asked about where the dresses were made, who made them, or our staff working conditions.  I guess people just assumed that fashion companies were doing the right thing by their staff and creating ethical work environments.  

Unfortunately the truth is that we know from the terrible fires in Bangladesh and the reports on sweatshops unveiling across the developing world, that even the most established and profitable fashion houses don’t necessarily do the right thing by their staff.  

When we started our fashion house we always knew that our staff were the foundation of our company.  We created a work space that was bright, clean, safe and fun. We wanted our staff to want to come to work.  

We also made sure that our staff were paid above award wages, paid health care for them and their families, given holiday and sick pay and a raft of other benefits.  

It can, when you first start off, make doing business a lot more expensive, but in the long run you create a happy work force of people that want to be in your employment, creating high quality dresses - that's got to be good for business!  

We are so proud of our Fashion house and the people who work with us to create your dresses.  

Oh and last, but not least, are our beautiful Bali Dogs! We have eight permanent pups that live with us in Bali, all of them were rescued from our street, garbage dump or from abusive homes.

Each week we rescue pups and kittens using profits from Sui Generis to pay for the never ending vet bills, food and toys. Thank you to Sunset Vet Bali for all of their help over the years!


Different Shapes and Sizes

One of the wonderful things about owning your own fashion company is that you get to make the decisions about which beautiful models you would like to work with - for us this is a fantastic opportunity for us to embrace diversity in women. This diversity comes in shapes and sizes, nationality, age and style wants.   

It’s hard to represent this diversity in an Industry which thinks that fashion should be portrayed by very young and very thin women.  We embrace these women, but we also include women who are more curvey, more mature, and more culturally diverse.  We try and represent this diversity through our photoshoots, we use a range of models to show off our dresses, and we love that we get the opportunity to do this.  

Sui Generis allows women of all shapes and sizes and styles to be able to either purchase or design dresses which suits their needs whether it’s for an event or for work.  



When my sister asked me to be her bridesmaid of honor, I was absolutely thrilled.  We were both so excited and planned to go dress shopping together - how much fun to go shopping for both her wedding gown and my bridesmaid dress!  We scheduled in a weekend together, I flew over (I was living in Canberra at the time) and we started the adventure.  

Oh man, it turned out it was anything but an adventure. It was a process - and it was tough. Nuala had given me no limitations on what I could wear - choose whatever you want - just look amazing ;)  I wanted something funky, non-conventional and a little bit of a ball-gown.  What I saw was boring, really expensive, and only made to a size 12 (I’m a size 16-18).  It really sucked.  I didn’t get to try on one single dress that weekend.

I was left feeling pretty flat and Nuala was pretty disappointed too. We spent a lot of time on Pinterest seeing designs that would be amazing but upon further research cost more than the wedding dress! We tried every boutique, shopping mall and wedding shop in town. There was nothing quite right for me.

However, eventually I did find the perfect dress but it wasn’t in a shop, I had to have it custom made.  That experience stayed in our mind and translated eventually into Sui Generis Style.  

We wanted to create a space where women could embrace the excitement of being a bridesmaid (or any woman going to a special event), and allow them to be as creative as they wanted with their style. For those unsure what to choose, they could select dresses from our shop collection and customize each design to their needs.  

We then went to the next step of offering those dresses to fit women of all shapes. We allow customers the ability to mix and match sizing, for example you might have a size 10 top and a size 12 bottom, or to make notes when they order the dress (Hi Sui Generis - can you make sure the sleeve length is 10cm from the shoulder!). You can also mix and match fabrics and silhouettes to suit each bridesmaids' uniqueness.

We continue to work on our website and love to hear feedback from customers - so please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts and desires! Oh and by the way - here is a shot of us in our dresses :) xox


Bridesmaid dress Perth, design a bridesmaid dress online, made-to-measure, custom, boutique



While showcasing our Spring 2017 Collection at New York Fashion Week, we were approached by the lovely team at Davroe to participate in a stunning photoshoot on the streets of New York.

Davroe produce natural plant based, eco-friendly and 100% Vegan Friendly hair-care products and after trying their hair mask - I'm hooked! The amazingly talented Adam Stanley photographed the session and below are some of the shots xox





So this was intense! It has always been a dream to show our designs at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and that dream finally came true when we showcased Sui Generis Style's 2017 Spring Collection in September. Was it everything we thought it would be? Hmm - well it was the most stressed I have ever been and in the blink of an eye it was over, BUT it was the most amazing, educational and overwhelming experience of my professional career.

The team of Fashion Palette Australia, DAVROE hair and Alison Jade cosmetics were all amazing and the models looked beautiful - we can't thank them enough. The runway show was held at Pier 59 Studios and the day was pretty much a blur of hairspray, dresses, more hairspray and photographers. We were also fortunate enough to work exclusively with VUALLE jewellery from Milan - seriously beautiful earrings!

Below are some images of the runway show. 





Check out some of the amazing reviews here:




We recently had a fantastic time with the Weekend West Australian newspaper who organized an exclusive fashion shoot and interview with Sui Generis Style! It was such fun and the team from the Weekend West were so lovely to work with. 

Below are some photos from the day and the stunning model Hannah Fell and stylist Emma Bergmeier.